Pearl Information

Some quick guidance:

  • 7mm – 8mm Pearls: The ‘standard’ size. Most pearl strands you’ve likely seen are about 7-8mm.
  • 9mm – 10mm Pearls: Luxury size. Larger than the ‘usual’ pearl strand, but subtly so. (It is unusual to find Akoya Pearls larger than this).
  • 11mm – 12mm Pearls: Noticeably larger than the norm. Typically only found in Freshwater, South Sea or Tahitian Pearls.
  • 13mm – 16mm Pearls: A true ‘statement’ heirloom piece of jewelry. Only found in Freshwater, South Sea or Tahitian Pearls.
  • Freshwater pearls, while beautiful, typically do not achieve quite the same luster or roundness as saltwater pearls, and prices are thus more affordable. But as quality increases, prices have been rising too.
  • Akoya pearls are known for their white to cream coloration. Some examples, typically Japanese-grown, exhibit a slight pink tinge to the pearl, which is often cited as the most flattering color variant on Asian and Caucasian skin tones. Valued for their mirror-like luster and depth (orient).
  • Tahitian pearls range from light grey to very dark grey.
  • South Sea Pearls are typically 10-12mm. They are often white, but also often come in a golden-yellow color most often called “golden pearls”. Other colors such as pink are found, but are rarer.